Am I Covered? Roof Warranties 101

roof warranty

Roof warranties shouldn’t be as hard to understand as they are. Fortunately, our aim in this blog is to answer the questions you may have when trying to understand roofing warranties. Here we offer the basics: If we don’t answer your specific question give us a call. We want to be as helpful as possible. …

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How to Choose Shingles for Your New Roof

There are several factors to consider when getting a roof replacement. One of the more fun decisions you’ll make is choosing shingles and figuring out the shingle that will match the aesthetic of your home. Working with a roofing company doesn’t need to be stressful and should end with the result you want. This article…

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Why You Should Choose a Master Elite Roofing Contractor

Master Elite Roofing Contractor

Getting a new roof is an important project, and you want it to be done correctly the first time. A new roof can improve residents’ and visitors’ safety and the value of the property. A well-maintained roof can last for about 30 years. A GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor should be used to get the…

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Choosing a Clearwater Commercial Roofing Contractor

Choosing a Clearwater Commercial Roofing Company

Being in a situation where you need a new roof or even a repair can be chaotic. The stress of needing something done quickly, especially before rainfall, worsens the problem. The costs involved and the decisions of who to trust for your property can be overwhelming. Where do you even begin deciding on a Clearwater…

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Roof Replacement Timeline: What to Expect and When

roof replacement timeline

When beginning a roof replacement at your residence, it’s important to figure out how long it will take. Unfortunately, the answer is more guesstimate than a hard number of days because it depends on several factors: the size of the roof, how complex the roof is and weather conditions during the project. For 25 years,…

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Here’s How to Fix Your Missing Roof Shingles Quickly

Missing Roof Shingles

Florida weather is no joke.  Wind and rain storms can blow through in a hurry, leaving communities a mess and battering our homes and roofs. Perhaps you saw that your roof has lost a shingle or two following a storm. This is a guide for how to fix missing roof shingles yourself. Luckily, handy homeowners…

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How to Tell When It’s Time for a New Roof

New Roof

Having a defective roof can bring problems from devaluing property value to creating potential health risks. Learning to tell when you need a new roof is essential for the integrity of your home and financial well-being. Below are five signs of roof deterioration to consider before deciding if you need a new roof. 1. The…

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