Top 5 Florida Gutter Problems

Gutters are perhaps the most overlooked, but critically important, part of your roof. Most homeowners only think about them when gutters aren’t working as they should. Don’t wait for a gutter failure: Learn how to address these top Florida gutter problems now. 

First, let’s look at why gutters are so important. Together with downspouts, gutters allow water to drain from your roof and into the ground in specified places. Rainwater must be able to flow freely in the gutters, because water that pools is heavy enough to break gutters, causing even greater issues. In this article, we share some reasons to be aware of Florida gutter problems and what can be done to prevent them. 

When leaves and branches fall, it’s not uncommon for them to land in your gutters and clog them. When it rains, you may notice less water streaming from the downspouts connected to the gutters. Be sure to check on your gutters during the rainy season. Florida gets a lot of rain compared to other states, and excess rain can create gutter problems. So be sure to pay attention to your gutters year-round.

1. You Risk Having Broken Gutters on a Rainy Day

Gutters play a critical role in protecting your home, and no one wants to end up with broken gutters during a storm. Gutters filled with debris blocks rainwater from channeling through the gutters and exerts extra weight on the frail structures designed to allow water to pass through.

The extra weight will weigh down the gutters, and you’ll end up with water washing off the roof and settling at the building’s foundation.

2. Wall Damage

Blocked gutters can force water to pour down onto the walls of your home,  which can lead to pricey damages. Water can cause your exterior wall paint to blister and peel, turning your once beautifully painted walls into an eyesore. Due to the porous nature of some walls, water could even collect on the interior walls or ceilings, causing mold or structural damage.

Water seeping through the walls can also damage the wall’s insulation, electrical wires and equipment, destroy framing materials, and corrode all metal objects in and against the wall. Water damage can cause costly and damaging electrical hazards that could lead to fires.

3. Damage To Your Home’s Foundation

Without a stable foundation, the entire building structure is at risk of cracking or sinking into the ground unevenly. A good foundation will provide reliable lateral stability to the building, among several other key functions.

Without a functional gutter system, rainwater from the roof washes off the roof and pools at the building’s foundation, posing an even greater risk of structural damage if left unattended.

Even the most stable foundations will succumb to persistent hydrostatic pressure resulting from water collecting around the foundation area for extended periods.  Hydrostatic pressure refers to persistent pressure exerted by static fluid as a result of the force of gravity. In the Floridian rainy season, static water exerts downward pressure on the foundation, reversing when the rain ends. This back-and-forth shift of the foundation could set your building up for structural issues.

4. Potentially Shorten Your Roof’s Lifespan

A good roof can last between 15 and 30 years when properly maintained. A good balance of rain and sunshine is good for your roof. However, a roof holding too much moisture because your gutters retain water is bad for its longevity.

Don’t be forced to pay hefty repair costs for negligence. Always clean your gutter system to ensure rainwater is properly drained away from the building’s structures.

5. Mildew Forming on Your Roof and Attic

Too much moisture in the air is the perfect condition for mildew growth in the warm Florida air. When your shingles remain moist, mildew is likely to grow, wreaking havoc on your roof and possibly spreading inside the building’s attic. Getting rid of widespread mildew on the roof, walls and attic is way more expensive than cleaning your gutters and ensuring drainage is smooth.

Fixing Florida Gutter Problems 

All of these Florida gutter problems can be fixed by staying ahead of gutter clogs.

If you’ve fallen victim to the rain and clogged gutters, Reach out to us today for a free estimate. For more than 25 years, John Hogan Roofing has given customers top-quality roofing services using premium materials. We pride ourselves on providing homeowners in Clearwater, St. Petersburg and surrounding communities with excellent residential roofing repair and replacement. 

As a full-service roofing contractor, we also offer roof inspections. Roofing materials we use include asphalt shingles, as well as tile roofing and metal roofing. Flat or low-slope roofing is also a specialty of John Hogan Roofing.


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