Shingle Roof Repairs: Costs, DIY Tips, and More!

Florida is hard on its roofs. And that’s especially true of shingle roofs, which are less resilient than many other roofing materials. For this reason, it’s completely normal for Florida homeowners to find themselves needing shingle roof repair services. The good news is that, since this is such a common problem, you should have no problem finding professional roofers to help.

But that doesn’t mean that you should go with just any roofers. We’re John Hogan Roofing, and we’ve been providing shingle roof repair services in the Greater Tampa Bay area for over 25 years. And in our decades of helping our local communities, we’ve seen more than a few horror stories about inexperienced roofers messing up repair jobs.

We don’t want that to happen to you, which is why we’re giving you our guide to shingle roof repairs in Florida! And we’re starting by going over some of the most common roof repair issues that pop up on shingle roofs.

Types of Shingle Roofing Problems

Types of Shingle Roofing Problems

In Florida, there is no shortage of things that can go wrong on a roof. But let’s talk about some of the most common reasons that your roof might need shingle roof repairs:

  • Missing or Damaged Shingles: During storms, high winds can remove shingles from your roof. Additionally, sun damage can cause your shingles to crack and curl over time.
  • Loss of Protective Granules: Asphalt roof shingles are coated in granules to provide an additional layer of protection. And when this layer gets worn away over the years, it can expose the more sensitive parts of your roof to increased danger.
  • Shingle Rot: Florida gets heavy rains fairly often. And over the years, your shingles could start to retain water. This can lead to rot and mold buildup, both of which will weaken your roofing system.
  • Shrinkage: This cause for shingle roof repairs is especially common in Florida. When the sun hits your roof, it causes your shingles to expand with the heat. Over the lifetime of your roof, your shingles may start to shrink from all the expanding and contracting, which can lead to nails coming out and leaving openings for water.

If you’ve been experiencing problems with your shingle roof, it’s likely that one of these issues is the cause. But what do you do when you need shingle roof repairs?

Should I Do Shingle Roof Repairs Myself?

On the one hand, shingles are not hard to work with when compared to other roofing materials. Where tile or metal roofing might require decades of experience, most roofers learn quickly how to install and repair shingles. So if you have professional roofing experience, basic shingle roof repairs could very well be within your wheelhouse.

But if you haven’t worked as part of a roofing crew before, attempting DIY shingle roof repairs could do more harm than good. It can be tempting to Google how to repair shingle roofs, but it’s important to remember that there’s more to shingle roof repair than just hammering in new shingles.

When your shingle roof experiences damage, you also need to make sure that you’re seeing the full extent of what happened. A shingle roofing system relies on the security provided by a complete, robust roofing system. So when even one shingle is damaged, it makes the entire roofing system vulnerable.

For example, say that you’re missing a couple of shingles on your roof due to wind uplift. It might feel like the solution is to just hammer new shingles on in their place. But only an experienced roofer will know how to check your underlayment and surrounding shingles to make sure that water or pests haven’t become an issue. Otherwise, you could be putting a band-aid on a very serious issue.

For this reason, we generally recommend that people leave the shingle roof repairs to the professionals. Now, let’s talk about how you can find reliable shingle repair experts.

Finding Shingle Roof Repair Pros in Florida

Finding Shingle Roof Repair Pros in Florida

John Hogan Roofing has been providing shingle roof repair services for more than 25 years. So let us give you the lay of the land with everything you need to know about shingle repair costs and how to find reputable roofers.

How Much Do Shingle Roof Repairs Cost?

The cost of shingle roof repairs is one of the biggest concerns that homeowners have. The good news is that shingle roof repairs usually don’t break the bank. But the bad news is that prices can vary, and there’s no real way to know how much your shingle roof repair will cost until a roofer performs an inspection.

Think about it: Replacing one or two shingles that just came off will be a very different job from replacing many old, worn-out shingles that have been damaged for months and creating leaks. For this reason, the only way to know for sure how much your shingle repairs will cost is by getting a free roofing estimate.

Watch Out for Untrustworthy Behavior from Roofers

Remember, when you’re looking for shingle roof repair services, you have the power. A lot of roofers want your business, and any roofing company that you interact with needs to earn your trust. So watch out for underhanded sales tactics like rushing you to make a decision or discouraging you from collecting other quotes. Roof repairs require an informed decision from the homeowner, and any roofer who doesn’t know that isn’t worth your time.

At John Hogan Roofing, we don’t have to pressure people into picking our roofers. We know that we do good work, and our reviews from local homeowners speak for themselves. Before you sign your contract, our only job is to give you the best information that we have so you can make a decision that makes sense for you.

If you’re looking for shingle roof repair services, give John Hogan Roofing a shot. We’re trusted local roofers with decades of shingle roofing experience in the challenging Florida climate. Get your free, no-obligation cost estimate and find out why we’ve been Florida’s favorite shingle roof repair experts for over 25 years.

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