Modified Bitumen Roofs: Everything You Need to Know

Modified Bitumen Roof

If you’re in the market for a modified bitumen roof, don’t settle for a low-quality result. Instead, get a quality roofing product from trusted local roofing pros. We’re John Hogan Roofing, and we’ve been Florida’s top flat roofing experts for more than 30 years! With that kind of experience, we can help you figure out…

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How Much Does a Flat Roof Replacement Cost?

flat commercial roof repair

Whether it’s for your home or a commercial structure, flat roof replacement costs are essential to nail down. After all, how can you plan a roof replacement without knowing the total price? When calculating costs, one of the biggest factors is which flat roofing material you use. But how do you know that you’re getting…

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How Much Does a New Roof Cost in Florida?

New Roof Cost in Florida

Have you ever wondered how much a new roof costs in Florida? If so, you aren’t alone. Between year-round harsh weather and our annual hurricane season, Floridians and their roofs have a lot to stand up against. And for homeowners looking to protect their homes and make wise investments, knowing the average new roof cost…

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Types of Metal Roofing: 2024 Guide to Popular Metal Roofing Options

Metal roofing has become increasingly popular in Florida due to its durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. But despite growing popularity, many Floridians still have questions about metal roofs. Specifically, many people want to know about the types of metal roofing and which one could be best for their homes and their budgets. John Hogan…

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How to Get an Affordable Metal Roof in Florida

Affordable Metal Roof

If you’ve noticed more metal roofs popping up in your neighborhood, you’re not alone. Across the state, millions of Floridians are noticing this increase in metal roofing, and it’s creating a lot of interest in this modern roofing technology. But the high cost of metal roofing is a concern for a lot of homeowners. That’s…

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Metal Roof Colors: 2024 Guide

Florida Metal Roof Colors

Florida: Where the skies are blue, the sun is bright, and the weather is completely unpredictable. When thinking about how to Florida-proof your roof, you may not know that metal roof colors have a significant impact on the longevity and durability of your roof. This, combined with the value of creating visual interest on your…

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Your Guide to Roof Pitch and What It Means

Roof Pitch Calculation

Did you know that your roof pitch determines a lot of things about your roof replacement, from what materials you can use to the total cost of your new roof? Many homeowners and business owners don’t understand roof pitch and assume that learning about it is too complicated. But with expert guides like John Hogan…

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Terracotta Roofing: Pros and Cons of Tiles in Florida

Pros and Cons of Terracotta Roofing

Did you know that terracotta roofing has been a popular roofing material in Florida for over 500 years? First brought to Florida by Spanish settlers, terracotta roofs have been a common sight in the Sunshine State for generations. But do they hold up to modern roofing standards? We’re John Hogan Roofing, your experts on all…

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Garage Roof Repairs in Florida

Garage roof repairs probably weren’t in your budget this month. But when a leak or other roofing problem pops up, your best bet is to get it worked on ASAP before the problem gets worse. There is one problem, though. How are you supposed to know which roofing professionals you can trust? We’re John Hogan…

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Roof Repairs in Tampa

Roof Repair Professionals in Tampa

If you’ve lived in Tampa Bay for long, then you know that Florida’s weather patterns are no joke. Protecting your home or business from Florida’s high winds, heavy rains, and constant sun exposure takes expertise that only local roofers can acquire. That’s why you should only be looking at local roofers for a roof repair…

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The Best Soffit and Fascia Replacement Services in Florida

Nobody knows how important it is to keep your roof secure more than Floridians. But despite our seasonal hurricanes and other inclement weather, many homeowners find themselves at a loss when they need soffit and fascia replacement services. As trusted local roofers, we feel that it’s our responsibility to explain what homeowners need to know…

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Preparing for a Steel Roof Installation in Florida

Metal roofing has never been more popular, especially in Florida. Thanks to its resistance to wind, rain, and sun exposure, steel roofing has taken Florida by storm. However, many property owners still need answers to their questions before they’re ready to commit to a steel roof installation. That’s what local roofers are for! We’re John…

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