Shingle Roof Costs in Florida: 2024 Guide

Did you know that asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in North America? But despite how familiar shingles are, many people have questions about the total shingle roof cost during a roof replacement. And unfortunately, calculating how much a new shingle roof costs can be tricky.

But we’re here to simplify the process. We’re John Hogan Roofing, your local shingle roofing experts. Today, we’re putting our 30 years of local roofing experience to work and explaining everything you need to know about the cost of a shingle roof in Florida. But before we get too in-depth, we have to clarify what kind of shingles we’re talking about.

Types of Shingles and Their Costs

Types of Shingles and Their Costs

To accurately talk about the cost of a new shingle roof, we first have to agree on what kind of shingle we’re talking about. And it’s tempting to default to the most affordable option, but cheaper products are rarely the best products. And in hurricane-prone Florida, you need a roof on your home that can stand up to major weather events.

Keeping that in mind, check out the three kinds of asphalt shingles and how much they cost:

  • Luxury Shingles: Luxury shingles are noteworthy for both their durability and their ability to recreate the look of other roofing materials like tile or shake. As a luxury roofing option, these are the most expensive roofing shingles at around $17 per square foot. But in addition to beautiful aesthetics, you’re also paying for your roof’s 40-year lifespan.
  • Architectural Shingles: While less durable than luxury shingles, architectural shingles are still thick and resistant to the Florida elements. As a result, they can last for up to 25 years. And with a price tag of around five dollars per square foot, it’s no surprise that these are the most popular type of shingle roof in Florida.
  • 3-Tab Shingle: These shingles easily have the lowest price at two dollars per square foot, but their thin, cheap composition comes with some major downsides. Namely, they’re much more vulnerable to wind uplift and water damage than other types of shingles on this list. That’s why they usually only last 15-20 years and will likely need more repairs over their lifetime.

Ultimately, it’s up to you what type of shingles you choose, but you should keep in mind both shingle roof cost and the shingles’ durability. However, these numbers are not enough to figure out the total cost of a new shingle roof. To do that, there are several other important pricing factors to take into account.

Shingle Roof Labor Costs

The above numbers cover the material costs for your shingles. But the labor costs for a shingle roof installation will also make up a substantial part of your total roof replacement costs.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should try to cut costs in this area. While it’s true that you can shop around to find the lowest labor costs, you should consider why a qualified, experienced roofing professional would work for very low rates. As a rule, lower labor costs mean less experienced crews, which can cost you in the long run if they make any mistakes during your roof installation.

At John Hogan Roofing, we provide experienced roofing services at fair, reasonable rates. In Florida, you can generally expect your roofing labor costs for a new shingle roof to be between two and six dollars per square foot. Where your labor costs fall will depend on what roofing contractors you hire. For example, a more established company may have higher operating costs than an individual roofer working with subcontractors.

Even this doesn’t cover the total scope of shingle roof costs. Because you also need to account for how your roof will influence the total cost.

How Your Roof Affects Roofing Costs

How Your Roof Affects Roofing Costs

Many homeowners don’t know that their own roof has a role to play in calculating total shingle roof costs. Some people are aware that the size of the roof has an impact on pricing. But several other factors could make your new shingle roof cheaper or more expensive to install.

For one thing, how easy it is to get to your roof will play a big role in pricing. For example, if your driveway is blocked and your home is surrounded by thick shrubs that make it harder to access your roof, then you can expect to pay for the additional labor it will take for roofers to get on and off your roof and remove and dispose of your old roofing system.

When preparing a roofing quote, roofers will also consider how many stories your home has. The more stories that the roofers have to move between, the higher the cost of your new shingle roof.

Finally, any unique roofing features can further increase shingle roof replacement costs. These include things like skylights, chimneys, and other features that roofers will have to work around when installing your roof.

The Average Shingle Roof Cost in Florida

All of the above factors will influence your total shingle roof costs. So while we can tell you that a new shingle roof in Florida will cost, on average, around $15,000, this number doesn’t mean that your roof will cost around that much because it doesn’t take into account the shingles that you want, what roofers you’re choosing, or your roof’s specifications.

So if the average shingle cost doesn’t tell you how much you can expect to pay, how are you supposed to budget for a new roof?

The only way to know how much your new roof will cost is to get a roofing estimate. These are usually free, and they involve a roofer inspecting your roof and discussing your options with you to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want. From there, the roofer will use this information to prepare a customized estimate. Conventional wisdom is to collect three quotes to make sure that you’re getting a fair price for your shingle roof.

Get Your Free Shingle Roofing Estimate

John Hogan Roofing has been installing shingle roofs in Florida for over three decades. If you want to get a fair cost estimate from roofers who know how to protect your home, all you have to do is schedule your appointment. We have plenty of reviews from real Floridians sharing how our crews helped them. Because our goal isn’t just to get your money—our goal is to earn your business and follow through, from the initial roofing estimate to the final inspection.

If you want to see what great Florida roofing looks like and get a great shingle roof price, reach out to the pros at John Hogan Roofing. We’ve been around for 30 years; let us show you why we’re Florida’s top roofing professionals after all that time!


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