Questions to Ask When Looking for a Roof Repairs Contractor 

If you are getting ready to look for a roof repairs contractor to fix your home’s roof, you know it can be difficult to begin the process. Your roof is often the first line of defense against whatever Mother Nature may throw at you. This list of questions will help you find the right roof repairs contractor for you.

1. What is the roofing company’s full name and physical address?

Ask for the physical location, if the roofing company uses a post office box. A roofing company that does not have a physical location is a cause for concern, and you should move on. Use their name and address information and plug it into Yelp, social media sites and other online databases. You’ll likely find any potential red flags during these web searches.

2. How long have they been in business?

Learn the roofing company’s history to better determine if you want to hire this company. If your contractor has been in business for a while, they will likely have plenty of customer references to hand out and multiple examples of their work to show you.

3. Is this roof repairs contractor insured?

Local roofing contractors must have workers’ compensation and liability insurance to protect the homeowner in the event of an accident. Workers’ compensation covers the homeowner in the case of a contractor injury. Liability protects you from damage caused by the roofers during repair or replacement. Without this insurance, the homeowner may be responsible for medical bills and other costs associated with the injury. In addition, your homeowners’ insurance may not cover these types of accidents.

4. Are the roofing contractors properly licensed?

Ask the roofing contractor for license information in your state, city and county, as licensing requirements vary by location. Be specific. Ask for the name of the license holder. Then, check with your local licensing offices to confirm the roofer’s license is up to date and has no outstanding violations. 

A business license isn’t the same as a roofing contractor license. A business license is for tax purposes and identifies the company; not that the person has passed a test or has the qualifications to work as a roofer.

5. Does this roofing company have warranties?

Roof warranties often last up to a year, but some roofers offer longer warranties. There are two separate warranties; the manufacturer usually covers the materials and the roofer covers the work. Ask the local roofing company for the coverage and length of each warranty. An extended warranty could add to the overall cost of your estimate.

6. Does the roof repairs contractor provide written estimates?

Perhaps it’s obvious, but you don’t want a surprise when the payment is due. The contractor should provide a written estimate that takes into account labor, materials and anything else that may come up during the job. Ask for an estimate in writing and hold on to it. You can help improve the accuracy of the estimate by taking photos of the damage and writing down the area of your roof that is damaged so you can keep tabs on project materials.

7. How will they ensure the project finishes on time?

Obstacles, such as bad weather and supply management issues, may come up that could impact the project’s completion time. Ask the local roofing repair contractor to outline contingency plans and address any potential obstacles that could extend the roofing job. Do they have enough employees to pick up the slack if an emergency occurs? Do they have backup materials, tools and supplies? What will they do in the event of inclement weather? Contracts may even include a “no later than” clause, which renders it null if the job takes too long to complete.

8. How will you protect my lawn during this project?

Your lawn ought to be the least of your worries during a roofing repair project.

Ask your contractor what steps they will take to ensure your lawn will look like it did before the project. 

Also, ask your roofer what they do with roof-related refuse material to ensure it gets disposed of properly. You shouldn’t have to deal with a yard filled with junk and debris related to the roofing repair job.

Most contractors bring along a large refuse container for damaged materials, packaging debris and anything else that needs disposal after finishing the job. So, they’ll deal with the garbage instead of you having to pick it up.

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