How to Find Quality Clearwater Roof Installation Services

Property value can often be decided, in part, by the roof that’s on top of it. Installing a new roof can raise your property value more than a bathroom renovation or updating a closet. Another upside to replacing your roof means that you get to choose a color and material profile that may better fit your home. Before searching online for “recommended roofers,” it helps to understand how Clearwater roof installation services compete for your business. Sadly not all of them place a high value on trust and integrity.

Because homeowners often go with the lowest price, some roofing contractors will give you a cheaper price by cutting corners. They will specify less expensive building materials or employ laborers or subcontractors who are not trained well, or at all. 

You don’t need to be an expert to spot a questionable roofing job. 

  • Missing or mismatched shingles can be a common sign of a contractor cutting corners.
  • Another sign that Clearwater roof installation services are cutting corners is when a roof is missing its drip edge. The drip edge is metal or aluminum sheeting that protects your roof or fascia from water damage. It’s located between the underlayment and shingles, and extends over the gutter, to enable rainwater to drain into the gutters.
  • Look for a missing underlayment. Underlayment provides a waterproof barrier for your roof. Without the waterproofing layer, your roof’s longevity will be severely compromised, lasting just years instead of decades.

Clearwater Roof Installation Services Potential Red Flags

  • If a contractor asks the homeowner to obtain the building permit, it could mean the contractor is not licensed or insured. If the homeowner gets the building permit, you become liable for all costs and injuries that may occur, including property damage, worker injuries or medical or court costs.
  • A contractor who can not provide a license or insurance certifications is no good. It is highly recommended roofers have licensure with them on the job. 
  • Another red flag is a roofing contractor who doesn’t show the homeowner the building permit before starting work.

Questions to Ask Clearwater Roof Installation Services 

Here are 11 questions homeowners should ask before signing a contract with a provider of Clearwater roof installation services. 

  1. Do you carry insurance?
    Ask for a copy of their current insurance policies. They need to have two kinds: worker’s compensation and general liability. Worker’s comp provides coverage when a worker gets injured while working at your home. General liability pertains to any damage done to your home during the roofing project.
  2. Will the contractors be removing the old roof completely and inspecting for any damages?
    Some contractors try to save time and labor by not taking the old roof down completely. But this isn’t a good idea for the homeowner. Doing this adds more weight to your current roof while making it difficult to inspect the roof decking for structural damages or rot.
  3. Where will materials from my old roof be disposed of?
    Check with your local building authorities to see if contractors must provide disposal permits or other documentation before starting the project.
  4. What kind of material and labor warranties are offered?
    Some contractors only offer 15- to 25-year material warranties. Others promise a “lifetime warranty.” But this is intentionally vague. Whose lifetime? Yours? Theirs? The property’s?
  5. Who will be performing this work?
    Some contractors use subcontractors to perform the labor for removing the old roof and installing a new one. It’s good to know if the company uses subcontractors. John Hogan Roofing only uses full-time craftsmen that are highly trained and certified through the GAF Roofing Academy. 
  6. Will the roof be thoroughly examined before an estimate is provided?
    Contractors must thoroughly inspect your home before providing an estimate. This includes the attic and the underside of your roof. The highly recommended roofers will thoroughly inspect your home, answer any questions you may have and explain what needs to be done and why. 
  7. How are gutters protected during the roofing project?
    Gutters usually remain installed on the home during a roof replacement or repair. Ladders that lean on the gutter system will wreak havoc. John Hogan Roofing employs standoffs and ladder stabilizers to avoid any damage to gutter systems.
  8. What kind of licensing does the roofer carry?
    The roofing contractor should have appropriate licensing with their city and the state of Florida. Before choosing roof installation services in Clearwater, be certain that the license is valid and up to date, with no penalties or violations on it. You can verify Florida licenses online
  9. Who is the point of contact during the project?
    Ask for the name and phone number of the site manager, in case you have questions or concerns during the old roof demolition and the installation of the new roof.
  10. If it is a multiple-day project, will tarping and covering be performed at the end of each day?
    It is important to protect your roof when it’s exposed to the elements. If bad storm weather rolls in, you want your home to be protected. John Hogan Roofing typically has crew sizes that can complete a residential roof replacement in a single day. But if a project takes more than that, we will protect every square inch of your home with weatherproof materials.
  11. How long has the roofer been in business, and are their employees trained and certified?
    For the past 26 years, all of John Hogan Roofing employees have been trained and certified as GAF Master Elite residential roofing contractors, a designation that must be renewed each year.   

Looking for Quality Roof Installation Services in Clearwater? 

As locally recommended roofers, John Hogan Roofing is ready to repair or replace your home’s roof and increase its value in Pinellas County, including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Fort Myers communities. Contact us today for a free quote on your roofing project. We can also answer any questions you may have about our service or materials and the entire line of GAF shingles.


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