Commercial Roofing in Largo, Florida

Taking care of your roof is an important responsibility, whether you’re a business owner or a property manager. But if you’re looking for commercial roofing in Largo, Florida, then you’ve probably got some questions. Namely, what are your options for commercial roofing in Largo? And how do you know which commercial roofing contractors to trust?

We’re John Hogan Roofing, and we’ve been providing commercial roofing services in Largo for more than 25 years. And over our decades of working with local business owners, we know the ins and outs of local commercial roofing. So let’s take a look at what kind of unique local weather patterns your commercial roof will have to stand up against.

Requirements for Commercial Roofing in Largo

Requirements for Commercial Roofing in Largo

For nearly every commercial roofing project, price is a major factor. And that makes sense—you want to get the most value for your dollar when investing in your property. But we would encourage you not to let price be the only deciding factor in your commercial roof replacement or repairs. Because while people naturally want to save money, a roof in Largo has to withstand extreme inclement weather. Some of the most common problems affecting Largo roofs include:

  • Damage from high winds, including storm debris
  • Heavy downpours
  • Algae and mold developing on roofs
  • Damage from the sun’s heat and UV rays

As you can see, commercial roofs in Largo need to be able to take a lot of punishment, and that’s even before considering hurricanes and other natural disasters. So while it’s good to have a clear budget in mind and stick to that, it’s also worthwhile to make sure you’re investing in a quality roofing system that will protect your structure for years to come.

Now, with that in mind, let’s look at the best materials for commercial roofing in Largo.

Best Commercial Roofing Materials

Best Commercial Roofing Materials

Since commercial buildings have their own unique needs, they typically use different roofing materials than residential buildings. This mostly comes down to the slope of the roof—specifically, most homes have sloped roofs so they use products like shingles or tiles, whereas most businesses have low-slope roofs so they use rubber roofing membranes or other flat roofing options.

Given Largo’s weather patterns, your new commercial roof needs to be durable and uniquely suited to Florida’s extreme weather. Here are some of the most common commercial roofing options that we recommend:

  • EPDM: Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (or EPDM) is an extremely durable commercial roofing material. Because it is made of a rubberized material, it can expand and contract with the sun’s heat without losing its strength over the years. For this reason, it typically lasts 25 to 30 years when properly installed. Like with any roofing material, the price can range depending on a variety of factors, but it’s usually $4 to $12 per square foot.
  • TPO: Thermoplastic polyolefin (or TPO) is great if you’re a business owner who wants to lower your energy bill. Where EPDM typically comes in a dark black, TPO is usually white, which helps reflect heat away from your structure. And although TPO is slightly less durable than EPDM, it can still reliably last for up to 25 years and comes at the comparable price point of $5 to $14 per square foot.
  • Standing Seam: Metal presents an interesting new opportunity for commercial roofing in Largo. Standing seam metal roofs are sturdier and more reliable than nearly any commercial roofing material on the market; in fact, they can even last up to 50 years. However, they’re also the most expensive commercial roofing option, usually costing between $6 and $24 per square foot.

Ultimately, what makes the best commercial roofing material in Largo will come down to your needs, your structure, and your budget. But regardless of which roofing material you pick, having an experienced crew to perform the installation is key to getting the best performance out of your roof. But how do you know which roofers to trust?

Finding the Best Commercial Roofers in Largo

Picking the right commercial roofing company in Largo is an important decision. And if you’ve looked around, then you’ve probably noticed that every company claims to have the best local roofing contractors. But John Hogan Roofing has been working all over the Tampa Bay area for 25 years, so we know what real expertise looks like. Here are the key factors you should look for in a commercial roofing company in Largo.


When it comes to commercial roof replacements and repairs, experience is the most important thing. Having an experienced crew doesn’t just mean that your roof gets installed correctly—it even affects the kinds of roofing materials you can have installed.

For example, most commercial roofing companies know how to install rubber roofs like EPDM. But if you want new roofing technologies like standing seam metal roofs, then you will need roofers with experience installing metal flat roofs in Largo. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the best roofing material for your property. Or worse, you could get a roofing company that will try to install your chosen roofing material even if they don’t know how. This can lead to many roofing problems and a much shorter lifespan for your new roof.

But with John Hogan Roofing, you never have to worry about our experience. After decades of commercial roofing in Largo, we know how to do right by our customers, and we bring our A-game to every single job.

Quality Materials

As outlined above, your new commercial roof in Largo will face a lot of challenges in its life. And it won’t be able to do that if it’s covered in low-quality roofing materials. That’s why at John Hogan, we only get our materials from reliable, industry-leading manufacturers. No matter if it’s a roofing membrane, metal, or any other commercial roofing material, we never compromise on the quality of our roofing materials.


We know that getting help with commercial roofing in Largo can be a pain. That’s why we do everything in our power to make it as simple and easy as possible. And that starts with being able to schedule your free commercial roofing estimate online!

Once you schedule your estimate, one of our friendly roofing experts will inspect your property and prepare a comprehensive roofing cost estimate for you. And unlike other roofers, we don’t believe in leaving hidden fees for you to find out about later. Instead, we provide clear, transparent pricing for every commercial roofing job.

So if you’re ready to get started with commercial roofing in Largo, then we’re ready to give you world-class service. We’ve been living and working in the Largo area for 25 years, and we can’t wait to be your new favorite local roofing company.


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