What to Expect from Roof Replacement Services in Clearwater

Death, taxes and a need for a new roof are the eventual guarantees of life. There’s good news in that a new roof can last quite a while and protects users from rain, sun and cold. Whichever type of roof you have or is being replaced, the process is still the same. Clearwater commercial roofing companies should follow similar procedures. So here are steps you can take to have the roof replacement project go as smoothly as possible.

Inside And Outside the Building

Preparing both the outside and the inside of your property for a new roof is an important step. If you are having damaged plywood replaced, be sure to cover all of your furniture, bedding and clothing to prevent falling debris from damaging your household items. Roofers will be scattering and nailing materials all over your roof.

If you have an attic, use an attic tarp to cover your belongings. If possible, remove any items to avoid any possible damage. 

Being prepared is always a good idea. Once you have prepared the inside of your building, you should move anything located outside your property that might be damaged by any falling debris.

This includes your patio furniture, grills and potted plants. Before any shingles get removed, you should remove any solar panels, antennas and satellite dishes.

Park your vehicles down your street and let your neighbors know of your project so they can avoid fallen debris damage. This will also provide the Clearwater commercial roofing roofers with enough room to move everything back and forth from your building.

You shouldn’t need to move out during your roof replacement. Interruption to your routine should be fairly minimal because Clearwater commercial roofers work during office hours. 

Tarping During a Roof Replacement

Clearwater commercial roofing companies will use a lot of tarps while preparing your roof, and may need to enter your building. Tarps are used on the sides of your property to make certain any falling shingles will not damage the siding, windows and decks. If rain occurs, tarps can be used to protect your shingles and the roof during installation.

Checking Your Vents

The Clearwater commercial roofing company will look at your existing vents to make certain none of them need to be replaced.  If your roof is not vented properly, your shingles and roof will not last as long as they could with proper ventilation; continuous ventilation can only be ensured when there is a vent where each row of shingles begins and at the peak of your roof. The contractor will examine the framing or flashing on your vents to see if there is any rot or rust. If there is rust or rotten wood, the vent will need replacing.

The contractor will make certain any insulation is cleared out of the vent openings. The interior of your attic will be inspected to determine if your intake or exhaust vents need to be retrofitted. There are also a variety of exhaust pipes and vents coming from your laundry room, bathroom and kitchen which may need to be replaced or cleared out. If you do not have a vent in your bathroom, one could be installed through your new roof at this time.

Gutter Damage

Your Clearwater commercial roofer should look for separations or dents in your gutters. If there are any issues, this is a good time to have your gutters replaced. If your gutters are still performing properly, there’s no need to have them replaced.

Removing the Existing Roof Materials

Before replacing your roof, all of the old materials need to be removed down to the plywood. It shouldn’t be surprising if it takes some time before you see your new roof being installed. Once your shingles are removed, all of your flashing or vents must be removed next. Other elements must be removed before your new roof is installed.


If you have a shingle roof, all of your old shingles will need to be removed. This can be accomplished using either a roofing shovel or a garden fork. Use these tools to loosen the ridge caps, pry up the nails and pull off the shingles in the direction of the roof jacks. It requires time to pull up all of the nails and remove the shingles. Shingles are very heavy and will most likely be quite dirty.


You never know what could exist under your old flashing. It is essential to completely remove it from your vents, chimneys and valleys. The old caulk or adhesive must also be removed carefully, the nails pried up and the flashing pulled away. There may or may not be rotten or damaged wood in the area, but if there is, it will be replaced by your Clearwater commercial roofing company.

Tar Paper

Before your underlayment and shingles can be installed, the entire deck surface will need to be inspected by the roofer. It may be necessary to remove the tar paper to proceed. If your sheathing has come loose, it will need to be refastened and the nails inspected to make certain it is still good.

Is There Any Damaged Wood From Your Roof

If any of the wood is showing signs of rotting, it will need to be replaced because if your new shingles are installed on damaged wood, they could shift. And this could lead to a leak, the exact reason for the roof replacement.

The Installation Of Necessary Products

It is a good idea to have all of the necessary pipes or vents on your roof replaced at this time. This includes your flashing. The roofer should be using copper or aluminum flashing. Using a roofing caulk is the best method for sealing the flashing to your chimney bricks. Other areas may need to be sealed as well. The gap between the bricks and the flashing should be filled.

The Drip Edge

It’s important that the drip edge is the primary installation. This installation, along with your eaves, will help to protect your new shingles and roof from any rot or water damage while providing protection and support for your shingles.


Before the installation of your shingles, a tarpaper underlayment will be installed. This is placed above your sheathing. The tar paper should be either nailed in or stapled to your roof. The closure using round stickers will stop water from entering your roof.


The Clearwater commercial roofer will draw lines on your roof to ensure their alignment is perfect. The under-row layer is the start of your shingle installation.

Under-row Shingles

The entirety of your new roof containing shingles should be covered using an under-row of starter shingles. This will prevent the shingle bond from being exposed to the material used for the underlayment. New shingles should be offset from the under-row shingles to ensure there is no overlap of the bonds or tabs. A staircase-like design should be used to place your shingles from right to left or left to right. When your shingles have been installed to the top, the cap will be placed over your vent system.


If your property doesn’t have gutters, a diverter has never been installed behind the chimney. It’s time for this installation while you are having your roof replaced. A diverter ensures water flows off of your roof, so when you are trying to open your door when it is raining, water will not land on you. Your diverter should be installed behind your chimney and in any areas where water will be draining off of your roof.

When you replace your roof, you are taking an important step in maintaining your property and increasing its value. It’s normal to be concerned about the process, but you can ease the transition just by taking the right preparation steps ahead of the arrival of your installation team. Doing so will make both your life and that of your roofers a lot easier. By understanding the process and what you should do, you become a part of your new roof installation. Are you searching for a roof replacement? Call John Hogan Roofing for a free estimate on a new roof and start protecting your property from mother nature. Schedule a consultation today!


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