Choosing a Clearwater Commercial Roofing Contractor

Being in a situation where you need a new roof or even a repair can be chaotic. The stress of needing something done quickly, especially before rainfall, worsens the problem. The costs involved and the decisions of who to trust for your property can be overwhelming. Where do you even begin deciding on a Clearwater commercial roofing company?

To choose the right roofing company, you must pay attention to the right things: reputation, licensing, warranties offered and how understandable the contract is when it‘s time to sign. Here are some suggestions to find the best Clearwater commercial roofing company for your building.

Shop Locally

The least painful way to begin searching for a quality commercial roofer is to look locally for a roofing company with an established reputation among other businesses in your community. Ask neighboring property owners for insight. Use a search engine and check for reviews. When choosing a commercial roofing contractor from your local area, your new roof will be installed by roofers who understand the roofing necessities of local businesses. A Clearwater commercial roofing company will have a local reputation to uphold with each new installation, including yours. With a locally established commercial roofing company, you are far more likely to get quality roofing that will last its total life expectancy.

Look for Testimonials and Reviews

We mentioned asking neighbors or fellow business owners about who they used and searching for reviews online. The next step toward finding the best commercial roofing contractor in your area is to check the local online review sites. Which Clearwater commercial roofing company has the most five-star ratings and reviews from local businesses that have hired them for roofing services? 

Often, search engines have a review page you can look at instead of relying on strong reviews on a company website. When you search for roofing contractors in your area, you can quickly get an idea of which local roofers are the most reliable, professional and courteous. Reviews from local businesses will help you determine which roofing company offers the best prices, warranties and how quickly they can accomplish projects.

Check Credentials and License Information

As you search for a Clearwater commercial roofing company, it’s important to check the credentials of each local contractor. After all, reviews can tell you a lot, but it’s not everything about a contractor’s true credentials; a roofer may have a few high ratings posted five years ago from a couple of businesses that no longer exist, but what about long-standing accolades? Has the roofing company installed a roof for landmarks in your community? Also, be sure to check the licensing of a prospective local roofing contractor. If you can’t find this information on a roofing company’s website, choose a different contractor that makes this info clear for all to see.  

Learn the Difference Between an Independent Roofing Contractor vs. Roofing Franchise

The best commercial roofing company in your area is likely one with longstanding ties to the businesses in your community. A quality Clearwater commercial roofing company will have gained a reputation based on solid, consistent roofing work on schools and company buildings in your area. 

A franchise, alternatively, can typically rely on its national reputation or name recognition to court business. And with the lack of any real measurable standards, the local franchises could easily do subpar quality even if namesakes in other markets get good reviews for craftsmanship. 

You can distinguish a local contractor from a franchise through its advertising and “about us” sections on their company websites. A local, independent contractor will generally be family-owned and have a list of names that comprise the roofing team, as well as a local headquarters address and phone number prefix. A franchise often uses less personalized jargon like “national group of roofing contractors” and includes a 1-800 number on its contact page, which will typically lack any local address.

If you are looking for a Clearwater commercial roofing company, we hope you will give us a call and get a free estimate. For more than 25 years, John Hogan Roofing has given customers top-quality roofing services using premium materials. Ask us about asphalt shingle roofs, as well as tile and metal roofing. Flat or low-slope roofing is also a specialty of John Hogan Roofing.


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