Beautiful and Durable: Tile Roofing 101

Tile roofing for homes and residences have been used for thousands and thousands of years. Because of its durability, beauty and long life span potential, it’s clear to see why Florida homeowners often choose tile. Here is what you need to know about tile roof installations for your home and why it could be right for you.

Types of Tile Roofing Installations

Most tile roofing is made of concrete, clay or sand cast. Concrete is typically made in flat or S-shaped tiles and is the least expensive tile choice.

Clay tiles, commonly S-shaped or two-piece, are glazed to maintain their color for longer. Clay tiles are more fragile than concrete, but once installed, the entire tile roofing system tends to last longer than a concrete one. These tile roofs can last between 50 to well over 100 years in Florida if they are maintained properly.

Sand cast tiles are a rustic, two-piece system that is expensive to produce. Sand cast tiles are beautiful, but they can be fairly fragile when compared to other tiles and are easily damaged by hail and other objects.

Comparing Costs of Other Materials

A tile roof is similar to other long-lasting types such as metal when comparing the cost of other materials. Some tile roofing materials will be a bit more costly than a metal roof, but the tradeoff is your home’s beautiful, natural-looking appearance. Clay tiles give homeowners more property value from their curb appeal.

A tile roof installation is a heftier investment than asphalt shingles, but you’ll replace that asphalt shingle roof several times during the lifespan of a single clay roof, saving money if you plan to live in the home for the long run.

So, Why Choose Tile?

A tile roof is meant for long-term performance. Concrete tiles can last about 50 years while clay tiles have an average life expectancy of 100 years. In other words, your new tile roof could outlive you.

Clay tiles also tend to maintain their color, even after decades in the Sunshine State. Clay holds well in the heat. It doesn’t burn or rot and will protect your home from damage caused by high wind.

Another bonus is that maintaining a tile roof requires minimal work. With proper installation, only periodic clearing of debris is necessary. If a tile or section of the roof becomes damaged, only those tiles need replacing.

Quality Installation Matters

When you’re investing in a tile roof, you deserve to have an elite master roofer making sure there are no shortcuts taken and the roof is perfect. After all, it’s there to protect you. Reach out to John Hogan Roofing for a free estimate. You want your home to look beautiful and endure for decades to come. At John Hogan Roofing, we’re experts in tile roofing and can help you choose the best material, color and style for your home, so it can look beautiful and stand up to Mother Nature, even in our hot, coastal climate.