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Metal Roofing

Metal Roof Installed by John Hogan Roofing

When thinking of having a new roof installed on your home, there are many factors to consider, are you making a smart investment, how long will your new roof last, will it add a beautification aspect to your home, will different types of roofs last longer, or provide energy efficiency? Some roofing materials do cost more than others, metal roofing for example; a metal roof can save you money in the long run, outlast other roofing materials, and can increase the value of your home.

John Hogan Roofing specializes in providing you with the proper roofing application type to fit your budget, as well as the style of your home. We all know that a home is an investment, and when we take into consideration replacing our roof, we should value the roof that is installed as an investment to protect our home and our loved ones that reside within.

Metal roofing is one of the fastest growing segments of home improvement, quadrupling it’s share in the market over the last decade. Metal roofing by today’s standards, allows homeowners to upgrade their homes with a metal roof that will provide lasting value. When properly installed, a metal roof could last as long as the structure it is installed onto. It will seal out water, withstand high winds, and water and snow will easily slide off it. Metal unlike wood, is not susceptible to insects or rot when properly treated or painted. It is also fire and mildew resistant. The average warranty varies, usually from about 20 years to 50 years. If a metal roof is painted, those finished typically carry a 30 year warranty.

What are some other benefits to metal roofing over other roofing materials?

Beautiful Style

  • Metal roofs are available in a wide variety of colors, and styles to match your home or neighborhood, even matching the appearance of other roofing materials like asphalt shingles.

Fire/Wind Resistance

  • Metal Roofs are fire resistant and have interlocking panels for maximum wind resistance.

Energy Efficiency

  • Metal roofing materials can increase the energy efficiency of your home by reflecting the sunlight, instead of absorbing it, thus helping keep your home cooler.

Life Expectancy

  • Metal roofs can be very long lasting, when properly installed, the metal roof should last as long as the house. Their low weight can help preserve the structural integrity and life span, with a proven performance expectation of 50+ years!


There are many misconceptions that deter home owners from having a metal roof installed.

How a metal roof can actually benefit your home?


  • One misconception is that a metal roof can increase the chance of your home being struck by lightning, this is not true, and a metal roof can actually disperse the energy safely throughout your home, and being that metal is not flammable, a metal roof can be safer in the instance of a lightning strike.


  • Metal does rust, however the metal roofing systems have a coating that can actually prevent rust from forming on your metal roof. These coatings include: anti-rust, waterproofing, and heat reflective.


  • A large misconception of a metal roof, is that you will hear all the noise from rain drops or the elements as they fall on your roof. This is another misconception and just like every other roofing application they require the proper installation to ensure longevity, and also the durability of your roof. This can be controlled by using materials that have sound barriers to minimize the tapping effect. Sound-deadening insulation can also be applied, or utilizing plywood sheets underneath your metal roofing. This can provide a silencing effect from your roof, much better than other roofing applications.


John Hogan Roofing has been proud to serve the Tampa Bay area for more than 20 years, installing and maintaining all different types of roofing materials. We know that the roof of your Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg area home is very important to the safety of your loved ones, especially with some of the rough weather that can pass through the Tampa Bay area and all along Florida’s Suncoast, which is why we work diligently to offer you the best services available. We are GAF Master Elite Certified, which is a certification that is limited to less than 3% of all roofing contractor’s in the nation. We know that the roof of your home is very important to the safety of your loves ones, especially with some of the rough weather that can pass through the Tampa Bay area and along Florida’s Gulf coast, which is why we work diligently to offer you the best services available. We take pride in providing our customers with a quality roof installation or repair, every time.

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