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Roof Repair

Roofing Repair

In many cases, roof repairs are all that is necessary to extend the life of your roof. Our expert roofing crew will help you determine whether a full roof replacement is necessary or whether you have other, more affordable options such as a roof repair.


During our roof repair procedure, we always take the time to properly inspect the damaged area before proceeding with the roof repair. We ensure the products used to repair the damaged area of your roof, are compatible with the existing roof. We also make sure to maintain the integrity of the original roof that was not damaged.

Roof Repair

Our first step in the roof repair procedure is to find the leaking areas. Sometimes damage to a roof are very obvious, however there are times your roof may leak, without any visible damage to the roof system. When we approach a roof with multiple leaks we make it a point to keep track of all the leaking areas. By plotting all leaks we have a greater chance of identifying each source and pinpointing the leak once it is measured on the roof.

Hard to find leaks take skill and experience of the roof technician. At John Hogan Roofing we dedicate a great amount of our time to training our roof technicians to be skilled at the art of finding roof leaks. Not all leaks are equal, and it takes a special kind of training to be able to locate some hard to find leaks. By ensuring our technicians can properly diagnose where your roof repair is needed, we can make sure to eliminate the leak everytime!


Once we have addresses where the roof repair need to be done, we offer you the most simple solution. We know the roof on your home is very important to the rest of the structure. Because of this, we take pride in being able to provide the proper solution for your roof repair everytime!

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